Four steps we take as your Responsible Person

Does the INCI formula meet with EU 1223/2009 Regulations?

Step 1: Verify the INCI formula

The formula  is made up of your product ingredients and their concentrations. These ingredients use INCI names, which is a standardized naming system for cosmetic ingredients according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredient.

Does your INCI formula meet with EC 1223/2009 regulations? This is the first step we take to getting  clearance of the INCI formula. EU regulation states that only INCI names are to be used on the label. In this first step we check whether ingredients are forbidden or regulated substances which are only permitted to a certain concentration.

What we do for you

You provide us with the INCI formula, including its INCI ingredients and concentrations. We use a special database to  screen this formula and verify if it meets  EC 1223/2009 regulations. When the INCI formula is compliant, it is time for Step 2, checking the raw materials.

In Step 1 we will also give a you a preliminary advice on which chemical tests should be done (chemical analysis of raw materials and end product). This advice is also dependend of step 2, check the raw materials. 

What happens if my product does not pass this step?

We will give you our expert advice about how to improve the formula, such as a reformulation to lower the concentration of a specific ingredient.

2. Check the Raw Materials

Are the raw materials allowed to be used in cosmetics?


Step 2: Check the raw materials

In this step, we check the actual ingredients in your product. Raw materials consist of one or more active ingredients, impurities and possibly additives. Active ingredients  are the INCI ingredients that you want to put into the product. Additives to the raw material preserve or stabilise the raw material. Impurities are trace materials you don’t really want in your raw material but can’t be avoided such as tiny amounts of pesticides and heavy metals in plant material.

What we do

You give us the raw material formula with all raw materials, their mass-percentages and INCI breakdown you want in the product. You also provide the required documentation on raw materials. We assess the raw materials on their safety (actives, additives, impurities) and suitability for cosmetics (declaration for cosmetic use).  Chemical tests are performed in accordance to EU 1223/2009. Testing can be more extensive e.g. when a lot of different cosmetic colorants are used. After our assessment , we confirm the raw material is compliant and then you can go Step 3.

What happens if my product does not pass this step?

We will help you to pass this test. Perhaps we need to get additional documentation from the raw material supplier. Or we may advise you to replace one raw material for a higher quality substitute with less impurities or different additives to get clearance.